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Injection molded product is a technological system that has started to develop and spread in recent years. Injection process has become widespread as a result of the development of machines and technology. It is possible to turn many different substances into products with the injection process. Another advantage is that there is no room for error in this system, which offers fast and mass production. With this process, which serves many different sectors, product production has become widespread. It is possible to talk about the production of products by injection as a shaping method. This method is an easy method for the production of products that can be characterized as particularly difficult and complicated. The system, which has a unique machine and mechanics, is among the best methods for fast and mass production.

What is Injection Molded Product?

Questions such as what is injection product production and how product production takes place are frequently asked. Manufacturers can learn many questions in this field from here. As the name suggests, injection-based product production is provided by injection. There is a machine that performs the injection process and the product is brought into the desired shape with this system. The system that proceeds through the molds is also called mold production. Injection product manufacturing can be made with many different materials. Plastic, metal and rubber are the main ones. It is possible to achieve the most effective results with injection molded product manufacturing, where production is increasing every year.

The machine used for the injection product manufacturing process has multiple sections. Each of these departments performs different operations. The question of how to produce injection products is common. For this, a mold is first prepared and this mold is placed in the machine. The machine works with a motor system. The main material is melted in the machine and then becomes the desired consistency. Then it is put into molds and the shape of the mold is taken. With the shaping of the mold, the cooling system is activated. The cooling system ensures that the product freezes as it is received. After the mold is shaped, the product is removed. In fact, the machine runs the process. The machine is operated and controlled by many experts in the field.

Types of Injection Product Production

Injection molded product types are based on material. Different products are obtained from different raw materials. While there is no product limit, there is a raw material limit. For this reason, material is one of the main points in production. One of the factors affecting pricing is material.

Plastic Injection Molded Product

In the molding processes made with the production of plastic injection products, care is taken to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Plastic parts are especially small and thin parts. Although some plastic parts are small, they require fine and sharp workmanship. It is very difficult and costly to do this with a different method other than injection. It also does not support mass production. For this reason, injection product manufacturing is widespread. With this method, which is also preferred in plastic materials, sensitive plastic parts can be obtained. These parts are made with molds and offered in mass production.

Rubber Injection Molded Product

Rubber can be obtained from many different materials. As the sap of some plants can be used, petroleum is also a preferred material for rubber. For this reason, rubber is divided into both natural and synthetic. Many materials such as rubber are described as rubber. Rubber injection product production is also the products obtained from this material. It is possible to reach many large and small products, the main ingredient of which is rubber. Even if the product you want has the finest detailed design, it can easily have a serial production scheme.

Metal Injection Product Production
Metal injection product production results in metal materials taking the form of a mold. Mold can be many different things. On the other hand, the molten metal easily takes its shape. Those who want to manufacture metal injection products, especially those who want to produce small parts. Small metal parts of many vehicles and the like are easily produced by this method. Large parts are also produced from rubber material. With this method, it is possible to produce many different products within the scope of machine dimensions.

Advantages of Injection Molded Product

Injection product manufacturing has become widespread due to its advantages. One of these advantages is the possibility of mass production. Injection manufacturing enables mass production to a large extent. While mass production provides fast production, it is also possible to produce the same product more than once. This is sometimes the case for handmade products. However, with the machine, each product becomes exactly the same as the other. When the advantages of injection product production are evaluated, the diversity of the products draws attention. There is almost no product limit here. Many products can be obtained through material limitations. These products, which cannot be made by hand or are difficult to make in the factory, are possible during the production of injection products. It is also very suitable for pieces that are described as finely detailed and complicated.

Injection Product Production Prices

Another curious thing about injection molding production is the price. Injection product manufacturing prices are subject to change. There are many factors that affect this. The first of these is the company. Companies producing injection products can give different prices. In addition, the product to be produced by injection is also important. How complicated the product is is decisive. However, the size and scope of the spent material are also effective. The choice of material greatly affects the price. For this reason, there are many factors to be considered while producing injection products. The number of products to be produced is also important. Injection product production has become widespread, accelerating mass production.