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Injection Product Manufacturing

Injection Mold Manufacturing

CNC Machining Center

CNC (computer numerical control) machining is the process of turning the materials in the form of blocks or plates into products by machining with computer-controlled high-precision machines using a wide variety of cutting tools.

We produce your ordered parts with different geometries thanks to 3,4 and 5-axis CNC machine tools in our partner network. In accordance with your needs, we produce 1 prototype product or your mass production demands in the fastest way and deliver them to you.

3D Prototyping & Measurement

With Rapid 3D Prototype, you get time-efficient, functional and reliable functional prototypes. In this way, problems and weaknesses are detected during development, and the design or function can be digitally modified accordingly. While 3d printers and rapid prototyping components are used to realize projects step by step, they also minimize the risk of error sources in the final product and therefore the investment risk.

Production Phase

Our Injection Mold Manufacturing Production Stages


CAD Design is carried out in line with your demands

3D Prototyping

Preliminary 3d prototyping is completed for testing before mold fabrication

Mold Manufacturing

After the design approval, mold manufacturing is done.

Mass production

Mass production is carried out in injection machines with the mold produced


The products produced are delivered to your company.